As you enter the building, proceed to the end of the hall, and find Suite 106 on the left.

Please come on in and have a seat. Tranquil instrumental music will great you as you relax and wait for your appointment. You will see my kids corner in the waiting room for my little guys. If you do happen to have a little one, they can plop on the pillow pile.  Please feel free to browse a magazine, book, or just enjoy the music. I will soon greet you, and invite you into my living room. 

waiting room

You may enjoy some sparking water or juice, as you settle in and get comfortable. Hopefully you had a chance to fill out your intake and confidentiality forms online, and we will review any parts of those you want to. I will ask you where you would like to begin, and your story gently unfolds. You will set your goals, and together, we will establish a roadmap for reaching those goals. 

Before you know it, 50 minutes on my hourglass have gone by with sense of release and peace. You realize this process is just what you needed, and you schedule an ongoing time slot, so we can dive in, and reach your goal. 

I will be praying for you before you arrive, and am so honored to be a part of your journey!