Compassionate, Professional Christian Counseling

The clients I help.....

Individuals who feel

“life is a struggle, relationships are a struggle, what is wrong with me, why can't I get past what happened to me, why do I feel shame, guilt, anxiety, restlessness, isolation, lack of concentration”

"my marriage is falling apart, but my spouse does't want to seek help"

My clients feel freedom from the past, and embrace the future with a new peace


Parents who feel

“my sweet child is acting out, and hurting, and I do not know how to help”

My clients renew their confidence in themselves and their role as a parent

Children who have suffered trauma

I use EMDR with children and help them get rid of their yucky feelings from bad events.

Children with difficulties at school or home

Children can learn how to deal with their anxiety, depression, and sadness that is causing them to act in ways they really don't like.

Teenagers who feel

“no one understands me, cares about me, or knows me. I am depressed, have anxiety attacks, get so angry, what is wrong with me, life is too hard”

My teens have a safe place to understand and regulate their emotions


Help and hope is available.